Historic Homes and Inns located in resort areas with the comforts of yesterday and the conveniences of today

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Country House Inns Corporate

VP – Operations: Tamara Bushnell
Phone: 541-479-4777 x505
Fax: 541-471-2214
VP – Management Services: Erik R. Johnson
Phone: 541-479-4777 x555
Fax: 541-471-2214
VP – Administration: Sharon Terry
Phone: 541-956-0231
Fax: 541-956-5771
Maintenance Manager: Blaine Arruda
Phone: 541-479-4777 x502
Fax: 541-476-2121
Director of Housekeeping: Holly Reilly
Phone: 541-479-4777 x507
Fax: 541-471-2214
Director of Operations: Chrystal Flackman
Phone: 541-479-4777 X511
Fax: 541-471-2214
Housekeeping Support Manager: Elizabeth O’Neil
Phone: 541-479-4777 x503
Fax: 541-476-2121
Human Resources / Accounts Payable: Kit Santiago
Phone: 541-476-6873 x419
Fax: 541-956-5771
Operations Support Assistant: Aaron Alden
Phone: 541-479-4777 x506
Fax: 541-471-2214
Office Manager: Gemsy Marroquin
Phone: 541-479-4777
Fax: 541-476-2121
Administrative Assistant: Veronica Jones
Phone: 541-476-6873 x603
Fax: 541-956-5771